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We now provide PDF documents tailored to your needs!  When you order an overview you will receive a document that has specific products we make or custom products we CAN make just for you. Not only will we provide information on our products that will help you, but you will also receive guidance on your diet and things to stay away from, and any other questions you have!

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These capsules are very nutrient-dense, containing 92 minerals from an earthly plant named La Mu Shu, and 85 from the powerful herb known as Shilajit. This blend of herbs has not only La mu Shu and Shilajit but also a powerful mushroom called Lions's mane.  All of these superfoods are all perfect for improving mental clarity, memory, focus, energy, and much much more! Check out these capsules and order them today! 

 Whayne's Herbs & Natural Products LLC's


Ultimate Supreme Full Spectrum
Sea Moss
& Gel


Detox Sea Moss

Black Seed Oil


Strawberry Banana Golden Sea Moss Gel

Sunset Black

Blue Ocean Waves Soap

French Lavender
and Honey

Activated Charcoal Soap

Japanese Cherry
Blossom Soap


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Who we are

- our testimony- 

We have always been drawn to being healthy and constantly found new products to achieve said goals. However going to the gym, taking supplements, and working 12-hour night shifts weren't doing enough for us. Still, with the stress of work, and at home having 8 children to feed with us 2 adults, we managed to still be present in our home life. Taking the children to their games, even the ones out of town... every weekend. We did fun things like going to see movies, late-night trips to the grocery stores, pulling all-nighters and playing video games, and even going out to eat. [ All of this can be a bit of a hassle when you work 12 hours a week with little to no sleep.]  However, Sea Moss changed all of that! Working the night shift made us very exhausted and groggy, but a week into taking Sea Moss, we immediately started feeling its effects, It gave us much more energy and eliminated the groggy feelings!  This was a huge game changer and it inspired us to take a big step, one we never thought we would ever make. We talk often about it still seeming surreal today. I (Anthony Whayne) was going to retire from Frito Lay. I was in my 9th year working there, going on a full decade, one of the top ranks and all. Never in a million years would I have imagined leaving that plant, but here I am! It's all thanks to Sea Moss, it gave me enough to believe in and I decided that I would do it full-time because if it helped me that much it was going to help everyone else too, and you all deserve this knowledge. So one day out of the blue I asked my family if they wanted to start a business selling sea moss. They agreed with no hesitation! And that was it, it only took an ambitious question and an even more ambitious answer to become the family-owned business we are today. In fact, we were all so much in favor of the idea, we started right then and there. We worked all into the night finding a name and constructing a logo. Again, it all felt like a dream. Of course, Sea Moss is not all we sell now but it sure is the reason why we are here!  We started in 2020 and since then we have made many changes to our lifestyles. Learning about our diet was one of them. We were huge meat eaters, we grilled often, smoked ribs, brisket, turkey the whole name it we did it.  However, were have turned away from that and have chosen a plant-based diet because we have learned that is what best helps our body to thrive with no diseases. It was difficult at first, switching over, but we have made the full turnover and have been going strong for nearly 2 years and counting.  We could not be more thankful for this business and all of our customers support to fulfill our dreams. We appreciate you all now, and forever. 


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